ST Bonaventure

St. Bonaventure Facilities

Part of ensuring success in my business, means constantly rethinking what I do and how I position myself as the market or consumers change. The driving force of my business has always been my clients and their demands. Staying true to my customers wants and needs as trends evolve and change, we welcome St. Bonaventure to the Paul Shannon Catering family. St. Bonaventure is our newest venue that has completed recent renovations that promote traditional beauty with a modern flare.

Backing on to the Toronto Botanical Gardens, this venue offers over an acre of lush scenery and gardens ideal for outdoor wedding ceremonies and photos. Choose from our inclusive wedding packages or customize your own menu to suit a personal/corporate event! Known for our fresh and flavourful food, our world renown chef and staff promise to make your next event a memorable one!

Our high standards of excellence and professionalism are our trademark.

To inquire about any additional menus or services, we encourage you to contact (905) 422-0300 or e-mail